feng shui bedroomFor a restful sleep and a peaceful bedroom, the calm, soothing force of yin energy should dominate your bedroom when you are designing with feng shui in mind. Yin, the deep, slow energy of sleep and contemplation, will allow you to have rest uninterrupted by the jarring restlessness of too many yang elements.

Relaxing, feng shui bedroom [CC License via It's Great to Be Home]

Relaxing, feng shui bedroom [CC License via It’s Great to Be Home]

The basic philosophy behind feng shui (discussed in more detail in our earlier post) is on the movement of the energetic life force, or chi, throughout a home. Clutter of any sort halts chi and causes it to stagnate, filling a room and your home with negative energy. Those who live in small spaces will understand the difference just a little bit of clutter can make on their mood when they walk into a room. Needless to say, the clean, unobstructed flow of energy is vital for a happy home.

To bring your bedroom into alignment with the core tenets of feng shui, here are some simple tips to get you started in the right direction.

  1. Remove major yang elements from the bedroom. Sources of rapid energy, these items belong elsewhere in the home, not a bedroom. Common examples include televisions, workout equipment, telephones, and laptops.
  2. Have several sources of lighting. Candles provide the most soothing source of light, but warm, glowing lamps and dim overhead lights will work, too.
  3. Paint the walls peach, beige, or brown. Bedroom walls colors should be within the range of skin-tone colors. These colors will help you have a restful sleep and encourage the flow of positive energy.
  4. Bring in a small yang element for balance. Feng shui emphasizes that a happy life is a balanced one, so add a few red candles or a sexual painting, or another element that encourages yang energy, to your bedroom.
  5. Position your bed in a corner away from any doors. Your bed should never been in direct line with a door, or your bedroom will be continually robbed of life-giving energy as the day progresses. If possible, your bed should also be away from any windows, and accessible from both sides of the bed.