storage bathroomUnfortunately, in many small apartments, condos and older houses, bathrooms square footage is sacrificed to maximize space in the rest of the home, and to make things worse they often have very little in the way of built-in storage. Luckily, there are many ways to introduce new storage solutions to your bathroom, even if you have minimal space to work with. Here are some popular bathroom storage ideas.

Bathroom furniture

Narrow bookshelf  for towel and miscellaneous storage in a small bathroom. [CC License via Laura Cattano]

You don’t have to limit yourself just to storage or furniture that says”bathroom” in the title. Many type of shelving systems, such as the IKEA Lack table shown to the right, can be a perfect fit for providing storage to a tiny bathroom, and kitchen cabinets can be hung in a bathroom, as well. Use baskets to store extra towels, soaps and medical supplies.

If you have open shelving, consider using matching or coordinated boxes or baskets to add uniformity to your design (most bathroom products aren’t very visually attractive, anyway, so they’re better hidden). Wall-mounted “frame” shelves can also add structure and the illusion of architectural interest to a boring wall while providing nooks for you to store bathroom items.

Storage solutions: modular furniture that fits into any nooks in the bathroom, plus baskets or boxes.

Vertical shelves

Attractive open vertical shelving in bathroom [via Apartment Therapy]

If you have a blank wall without cabinets or other storage already provided, vertical shelves are cheap and take about than five minutes to install. Make sure you use drywall anchors or screw into metal studs so you don’t have to worry about your shelves falling on top of you. This disadvantage of open shelving like this is that you’ll have to keep everything visually pleasing because it’s all visible.

The best way to make this bathroom storage technique look stylish and not just like a shelf of random products is to use matching containers for your products and to intersperse your functional items with decorative items like small plants or picture frames (the bathroom shown at right is a perfect example of a balance between storage and style).

Storage solutions: small baskets, jars and boxes

Under the sink

Cute sink skirt to hide underneath bathroom sink [via Desire to Inspire]

Unattractive open spaces under sinks can be concealed with a cute sink skirt, like the one shown at right. (learn how to make a skirt HERE). Or, you can use matching attractive open baskets made out of natural materials such as wood or grasscloth to keep your bathroom feeling stylish.

Arrange arrange your items so that you can clearly see them from above and you don’t have to strain your back or knees bending down every time you try to find something.

Storage solutions: large baskets and boxes, drawers and bins

Hooks and hanging things

Simple and attractive bathroom wall hooks for holding towels

Wall hooks are easy to install and one of the easiest methods to put things up (which is why they’re so popular with kids). For items that you need to use often, like bath towels, they’re a perfect fit. Other possibilities are hanging wash cloths, loofahs, or bathrobes. If you don’t want to mount them to the wall, there are many adhesive wall hooks available that can hold up to several pounds without falling or damaging the wall.

On a similar note, attach stuff to the wall when possible. Shower mounted soap dispensers are perfect for getting bottles off of your limited surface area, or you can attach toothbrushes to the wall to keep them from getting grimy and gross.

Storage solutions: wall hooks (screwed or adhesive), wall-mounted dispensers and holders.