Many teenage girls realize at some point that they want their bedroom to reflect their interests and style now, not their hobbies when they were younger. This might also be the first time they have a say in how their bedroom is decorated or even have an opinion on decorating.

Here are some teenage girl bedroom decorating ideas to get a sophisticated bedroom re-do that won’t feel like a little girl’s room anymore.

Choosing a color scheme

Yellow is purple’s complimentary color: notice how the yellow night stand pops out against this violet and lavender bedroom. Source:

The smaller your bedroom, the fewer different colors you want to have in your color scheme. Schemes with just 2 or 3 main colors (plus black, white, beige and wood tones, which count as “neturals,” not “colors”) is best for most small bedrooms and won’t make the room look too cluttered or busy.

Room decorating is about contrast: one simple way to “balance” a room is to use a color that you love with its complimentary (opposite) color on the color wheel, or with a neutral color. Following this simple rule will make your bedroom will look much more sophisticated. Here are the basic complimentary colors:

  • Yellow → Purple
  • Red → Green
  • Blue → Orange

You can come up with your own color scheme for your bedroom, or use one that someone has already created. Below are a few combinations that would work well for a modern teen girl’s room, but there are thousands of other schemes you can use.

color schemes

Potential color schemes for a teen girl bedroom from

Cool wall treatments

Modern wall stencils can draw attention to the decorated wall.

There are few design ideas that you can do on just one wall or part of a wall that will instantly make your room a lot more fun.

  • Chalkboard walls can be created with a special type of paint, then you just write on and erase with normal chalk. Many people use these chalk walls to keep track of their to-do lists, schedule, and write some of their favorite sayings up there.
  • You can cover one wall with wallpaper, or stencil the wall yourself. Print out a fun stencil and use paint to create a fun pattern. Covering one wall usually doesn’t take more than a few hours, and can make a fun weekend project. Paint is pretty cheap and so are the stencils. Just make sure the pattern stays level and doesn’t get crooked!
  • Paint one wall a complimentary color to the rest of your color scheme. You can make the design even more advanced by taping off lines with painter’s tape and creating stripes.

Framed artwork on the walls

It’s easy to tape up posters or pages from magazines up on your walls, but having your favorites framed and organized will look much more sophisticated. Hang up whatever you want on the walls, but keep it level, evenly spaced, and in some sort of frame, and it will look 10 times better.

Having trouble finding things to put up on your walls? Here are some suggestions for “found” art:

  • Pictures from calendars
  • Fun fabric
  • Pictures from magazines and catalogs
  • Abstract art you make yourself with a few colors that match your room
  • Brochures, tickets, maps, etc from trips and events

Display your photos, collections and accomplishments

A desk and sitting area with cute frames and display boards on the wall to show off your favorite things. Source: Hodge:Podge

Surround yourself with the things that make you happy or remind yourself of happy events. Make your room a place that couldn’t belong to anyone but you.

Modern shelves are great for displaying 3D objects like figurines, and colorful bulletin boards or photo boards can hold your pictures and papers while providing easy access for you to change things up.

You can create your own ribbon display board like the one shown at right with a normal bulletin board, along with fabric, ribbon and pins from a craft store.

  1. Cover the board with the fabric and staple it securely on back of the board.
  2. Cut strips of ribbon the length of the board and crisscross them to make a diamond pattern, securing both ends with staples on the back of the board, too.
  3. At the corners where two pieces of ribbon intersect, stick pins in to secure the ribbon to the board and create enough tension to hold your pictures.

New fabric: blankets, pillows, curtains, bedspreads

Floral damask bedspread [source]

Floral damask bedspread [source]

Textiles make a bedroom feel warm and comfortable instead of cold and sterile. They also cover a lot of surface area in your bedroom, so the color and style of the fabric in your bedroom make a huge impact on the style of your room.

Try to make all your fabric coordinate with each other, but not outright match, because that will look too much like a room from a department store catalog. For example, if your color scheme is red and silver, you might have a silver bedspread, red pillows, and red and silver curtains.

Try fabrics with bold, bright, relatively simple patterns or textures. Anything too detailed or ornate can look more like a little girls’ room. Don’t be afraid to choose pieces that make a bold statement and express your individuality.

If you can’t completely change out your bed covering, just switching up the throw pillows can bring new colors into a bedroom. Sewing a pillow-case is one of the simplest sewing projects, so you might want to try making your own throw pillows when you have an hour or so free.

Organizing your desk + desk accessories

A teen girl’s bedroom with neatly and stylishly organized desk and wall-mounted desk organizers. Source: Libby Withnall

You should have some sort of open work surface in your room, so you can do schoolwork or work on any projects without all the noise and distraction of a more public room.

However, your desk area doesn’t have to be boring at all: many office supply stores carry colorful, stylish desk organizers, and you can check out their section on dorm room accessories, too, to find more stylish options for your bedroom.

Use the same color scheme on your desk accessories as the rest of your room, and get some cute open containers and storage boxes to keep your papers, writing tools, electronics and desk accessories neatly corralled.

Get light into your bedroom

This modern bedroom has it all: focal point wall with wallpaper, complementary colors (purple and yellow), neatly arranged art wall, and a white rice paper lamp that will add a soft glow of light to the room.

Light plays a huge part of how you feel and live in a space, but we often don’t consciously notice the impact it has on us. It’s important to have several sources of light in the bedroom.


Floor lamps, overhead, table lamps and task lamps are all important to have in your bedroom. Your desk area should have a task light (a bright table lamp that you can direct where you need the light to shine), and try to have at least one table lamp and one floor lamp in your room.

If you can change your overhead light, that will make a big impact, too. Chandeliers and pendant lights are popular right now. If you can’t change out your main overhead light (like if you have a ceiling fan that you don’t want to get rid of), you can get a “swag” light fixture, which has a cord that just plugs into the wall and doesn’t have to be hard-wired in.

If you can’t get rid of your current lighting, just changing out the lampshades can make a big difference. Cover the existing shade with a new fabric, or get a new shade for around $20-30 locally or at a site like You can also spray paint your lamp base to match your room decor with a $5 can of spray paint.


Another way to get more light into your bedroom, especially don’t have many lamps, is to use mirrors, which essentially double the amount of light in a room by their reflection. Mirrors can be found very cheaply at thrift stores and can be easily painted, or cute, modern designs are available at home decor stores.

Cute and comfy seating

A daybed with plenty of fun pillows creates a great place to relax with friends.

Since there will probably be friends hanging out in your bedroom and sleeping over, get some cute seating that will provide a soft place to sit and sleep besides your bed. Having lots of soft surfaces also makes your room feel more inviting and relaxing.

Floor pillows, beanbags and poufs are cheap and provide instant style and seating. You can also put some rugs on the floor that are soft to sit on, which creates a natural sitting area.

Figurines, vases and decorative pieces

A collection of books, flowers, art and collections make a lovely dresser vignette. Source: The Happy Home

Figurines, vases and decorative pieces are the finishing touches to a room, and a little goes a long way. Too many will look cluttered and messy, so pick a few of your favorites to decorate with.

If you can’t think of what to use, here are some ideas for decorative pieces:

  • Candles
  • Potted plants
  • Vases
  • Figurines
  • Books
  • Decorative boxes
  • Stones/sea shells
  • Photos in free-standing frames