Storage is usually the number one concern of people living in very small homes – how do I fit in everything I need, and how do I still manage to have a stylish home that isn’t stuffed full of boxes and drawers? Luckily, there are plenty of home decor and home organizing products that are designed to be attractive and provide hidden storage.

Here are some of the best hidden storage ideas, along with ideas for what to store inside of them:


There are many ottomans that are hollow, in all different interior design styles. The usually have a top that lifts off easily, and sometimes the top can be turned over and set back down to reveal a flat surface area that you can rest drinks on.

Storage ideas: extra blankets or pillows, board games, drink coasters, books.


Benches are the ultimate utilitarian piece of furniture, and can serve so many functions for those with limited space: from extra seating to side table to shelf. Some benches also lift up to reveal hidden storage inside.

Storage ideas: extra bedding, occasional apparel like raincoats, umbrellas, gloves.

Under-bed Drawers

Wide, low boxes that fit under most bed frames can provide much-need storage and can be completely hidden behind a bed skirt. Or, you can pay extra for wooden drawers that fit into the space under your bed and are stylish enough not to need to be hidden behind a bed skirt.

Storage ideas: any bedroom items like bedding, clothing and sleep aids.

Inside the Couch

There are some modern couch designs that provide hidden storage if you life up the seat cushions. Be aware that these sofas will generally be less comfortable because there is less room for padding and cushions.

Storage ideas: guest bedding, throw blankets or pillows.

Cutout Books

Books that have been hollowed out to provide hidden storage can either be purchased or made out of an existing book. Hardback books provide the best structure for providing a nook for hiding small items, and they can also be used to store valuables.

Storage ideas: extra keys, valuable jewelry, passports.

Coffee Tables

Some coffee tables have hidden storage options, including concealed drawers, inner shelves, or tops that can be lifted to reveal interior storage. You can also make a trunk double as a coffee table or bench to serve dual purposes.

Storage ideas: guest bedding, throw blankets or pillows.

Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinets

Many kitchens have at least one or two very narrow lower cabinets, which are often either almost useless for practical storage or not a usable opening at all. Installing a roll-out track system turns wasted space into a usable, easily accessible shelf.

Storage ideas: kitchen cleaners, trash or recycle bins, or anything else that you need easy access to but should be kept apart from food items.

Headboards with Storage

If you don’t have room for lots of bedroom storage like nightstands or dressers, you might consider a specialized headboard that is made with cubbies and drawers to store bedroom items.

Storage ideas: sleep aids, reading glasses, books, alarm clocks, phone chargers.