Best Organizing and Space Saving Products

You absolutely do not need any specific product to be organized or declutter. That being said, there are many good products out there that will help you be more effective at decluttering, and/or help you stay organized more easily. There are even more that are over-priced and not really very effective.

Here are some of my absolute favorite organizing products.

Drawer Organizers

You will be amazed at how much neater every drawer will stay with drawer dividers. Many types of drawer organizers are adjustable, allowing you to make perfect fits for whatever items you need to store. The cheapest are plastic, which is perfectly acceptable for drawers that guests won’t see, and there are also metal and wooden dividers. Bamboo drawer organizers are attractive and also a sustainable resource, and are a popular choice for kitchen drawers.

Stacking Drawers

Stacking drawers come in a huge range of sizes, so you should be able to find a perfect fit for any nook in your home. These drawers, whether they are metal, plastic or some other material, are ideal for closets and other spaces that have little or no existing storage solutions. Ideally, you would store items that are essentially identical in them, so they don’t turn into “junk” drawers holding many different objects. If you do need to store multiple things, consider using drawer organizers to stay neat and organized.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks can either be adhesive, which is perfect for when you can’t make holes in the wall, or screwed into the wall. They are perfect to store pots and pans in the kitchen, jackets or belts in the closet, or towels in the bathroom. Best of all, they can be easily taken with you when you move. There is a big range in quality and prices, from cheap adhesive plastic hooks, to attractive, brushed stainless steel wall hooks, and anything in between.

Attractive Storage Boxes

For people who live in older buildings especially, conveniently hidden storage spaces, like closets and built-ins with drawers or doors, are in short supply, and you quickly find yourself forced to store things in the open. Fortunately, there are many options these days for attractive storage boxes that aren’t eyesores, and you can coordinate them with the rest of your decor and color scheme to make them blend in naturally.

Clear Jars

Clear glass or plastic containers are perfect for smaller items that you need easy access to, whether these are paper clips in your home office or spices in your kitchen. Clear jars can be found very cheaply at many re-sale stores if you don’t mind mismatched containers. However, brand-new jars are also inexpensive as well, or you can clean and re-use old food containers.