We keep an updated list of our favorite interior decorating quizzes here. There are a lot of decorating quizzes online, but most of them are meant for entertainment purposes or as “personality” tests and aren’t especially helpful for truly figuring out your design preferences and learning how to use your style in your home.

These are the most helpful interior design style quizzes we have found.

Favorite interior decorating style quizzes

#1: Sproost.com– This interior decorating quiz is my all-time favorite, because it’s pretty comprehensive and shows your top three scoring results (which is more realistic than just being assigned one category) and also has a personalized online shopping experience with only items that are suited to your preferences. I am 57% Hollywood Couture, 29% Contemporary and 14% Modern Elegance.

#2: Homegoods Style Quiz – I love this quiz because not only does describes your style, it also offers specific solutions to the design issues that you may be facing with respect to your specific style. My results told me to add in more light with reflective surfaces, lamps and candles, for instance. I’m “Elegant Modern.”

#3: Kaboose Decorating Style Quiz – The Kaboose quiz gives you percentage results in each of four categories: Cottage, Contemporary, Traditional and Country. I am 80% Contemporary, 20% Cottage.