This decorating style can go by many names, many of which include variations of  “Glamorous”, “Hollywood”, “Regency”, “Elegance”, and “Romantic” in their titles. We’re going to call it Hollywood Regency, for simplicity’s sake.

Examples of Hollywood Regency Rooms


Ornate mirrors in different styles, shiny surfaces, and soft, varied textiles create a luxurious living room.

Chandelier above the bed, tufted and riveted bench, monogrammed pillow, upholstered headboard and textured wallpaper create a decadent, Hollywood chic bedroom.

Mirrored coffee table, chandelier, and mirrors on the wall create a dramatic, glamorous living room.

The golden age of Hollywood is alive and well in this regency-style nursery room. Notice the shiny chest of drawers/changing table, ornate mirror, framed monogram and chandelier.

Common Elements of Hollywood Design and Decor

Hollywood-style decorating is all about giving off an air of decadence, luxury and glitz. It often involves decor choices that are not the most practical or popular with the “masses”, but definitely make a statement. There are many items that embody the spirit of Hollywood Regency that we do not go into, but here is a list of design staples to get you started.

  • Mirrored surfaces: furniture, wall and floor mirrors, vases and figurines.
  • Ornate designs in monochromatic colors, like detailed fabric patterns in just two or three colors, or an ornate black or white picture frame.
  • Furniture with “extra special” details: tufted, nailheads, welted, etc.
  • Glimmering light sources: crystal chandeliers and white or clear lamps with shimmering details, especially.
  • Shiny, lacquered objects in black, white, and other bold colors.
  • Many different textures: thick rugs over shiny, smooth surfaces, throw pillows and blankets with different textures.
  • Luxurious textures like silk and velvet.
  • Upholstered surfaces like headboards and ottomans.
  • Graceful curves, such as in vanity benches or the curves of a damask wallpaper.

Popular Hollywood-Style Decor Products

It can be difficult to find large quantities of Regency-style decor all in one place; instead, most decor stores will only have a  handful of products that would fit a Hollywood-style room, so it may take some time and effort to get a completely-styled room.

Below, we have compiled some popular products that fit into a Hollywood aesthetic for your convenience.

Hollywood Regency Furniture

Hollywood Regency Home Decor