The following are some of my favorite sources online for feeling inspired to make my own small home into some extraordinary.

  • Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Contest (link)
    Readers compete annually to win the award for the best designed apartment/condo according to their size category, the smallest of which are the incredible sub-300 square feet homes. One of the most helpful things about this contest is the tips and suggestions that the owners of the homes leave on each individual submission, as well as the follow-up comments that visitors make. Many of these tips will be suitable for you to integrate into your own small home.
  • Unclutterer Workspaces Flickr Group Pool (link) posts the best workspace of the week in honor of people who have organized the working areas of their homes amazingly well. The focus is obviously on home office organization, but that’s also where clutter most accumulates for so many people. From craft rooms to studio workbenches to the more typical PC /laptop desk, thousands of images provide home office inspiration.
  • Pretty Organized Flickr Group Pool (link)
    A huge and growing archive of organized home spaces that are both neat and attractive. Many of the solutions are homemade and/or cheap, and you should be able to get some great ideas for your own space!
  • Top Home Organization TV Shows
    If you would like your inspiration for de-cluttering your home to come in DVD or television form, you’re in luck, because home cleaning, de-cluttering, and designing shows have become very popular in the last decade. Getting to see the difference of how a room looks before and after the work is done is very inspiring. Clean Sweep by TLC is another home cleaning/de-cluttering show that deserves a place on the list, as well as How Clean Is Your House if you need some inspiration to start a deep-cleaning session.

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