Sometimes it seems like every design book / TV show / blog showcases either luxury homes or huge homes in the countryside or suburbs. How is someone living in a small home with a modest budget supposed to find resources for home design and organization?

Below is a list of resources we have compiled, aimed specifically at regular renters and homeowners living in small spaces.

Best Design Books for Small Spaces

There are countless books on interior design and architecture, but few focus on realistic (read: affordable) solutions AND are aimed at city-dwellers and others living in small homes. Here are some of my favorites (and what I keep in my own apartment!) Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces The Small, Cool […]

Inspirational Small Spaces Online

The following are some of my favorite sources online for feeling inspired to make my own small home into some extraordinary. Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Contest (link) Readers compete annually to win the award for the best designed apartment/condo according to their size category, the smallest of which are the incredible sub-300 square feet […]