sectional sofasWhether you like the uniformity and simplicity of having a sectional sofa provide all or most of your seating in a room, or just how truly comfortable they are, you can still find sectional sofas for small spaces – they aren’t all massive pieces of furniture meant only for 3000 square feet and large houses.

For this list, we’re only including sectional sofas that are 7.5 feet long (90″, or 2.13m) or shorter at the very longest. The first dimension listed is the longest part of the couch, the second is how far the chaise section sticks out, and the third is how high the sofa is.

Small sectional sofas for under $500

This sofa from Walmart comes in four different color options – beige, brown or gray in microfiber fabric, or black faux leather upholstery. The cushions are removable for easy washing, and both the back and seat cushions are loose. The sectional part is a separate piece that sits next to the main couch body. The feet on all but the beige version are stainless steel, and the beige has wooden feet.

Dimensions: 79.5″ x 54″ x 33″

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The Turner track arm sofa is a beige transitional-style sectional sofa from Target made with a cotton blend fabric and wooden legs. It matches several other couches, ottomans and armchairs in Target’s Turner furniture collection, and the cushions are made of foam.

Dimensions: 81″ x 52″ x 35″

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Small sectional sofas for under $750

The Bobkona sectional sofa is made of microfiber and comes in a gray tan “pebble” color that will match most decor, and a darker brown faux leather bottom half. It comes with a matching faux leather ottoman and coordinating pillows.

Dimensions: 83″ x 65″ x 35″

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Next, as is so often the case when looking for furniture for small homes, IKEA comes to the rescue with affordable furniture. The KIVIK sectional sofa is divided into a chaise and an armless chair that can be connected to create a small, modular sofa. Because of the different configurations you can use, the total size can vary. The dimensions below are for the configuration on the right. There is also a wide array of sofa colors to choose from, which can cause the total price to change because different colors are made with different quality fabric.

Dimensions: 71″ x 64″ x 33″

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Small sectional sofas for under $1,000

The Kubo sectional couch is another great sofa for small spaces, with storage compartments underneath the seat cushions and the back hinging backward to turn into a small bed. The longer side can be attached to either end, so the sofa can be right or left oriented. Measuring a little over seven feet long on the longer side, by less than five feet on the shorter, this sofa will fit easily into a small living room.

Dimensions: 88″ x 58″ x 35″

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This espresso sectional sofa is a bit more traditional-looking than these other couches, but performs the same space-saving task of converting flat for a bed as well as revealing storage space underneath the top cushions for storing the pillows and sheets for guests. The total length of the chaise plus the loveseat is about six and a half feet, plus the length of the chaise is about five feet.

Dimensions: 78″ x 63″ x 34″

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top photo: CC License via Philip Fibiger

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