The goal with feng shui in a home office –  an area of your home where you need to stay focused and work productively – is to keep the yang, the bold, strong energy levels high, while still creating a few elements with the softer yin. Using halves will  provide some balance so your heart doesn’t start racing every time you walk into your office, while still empowering you every time you sit down at your desk.

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    Choose the location – A room near the front or back door is best, and as far apart physically from every other area in your home as you can make it. If there are two doors into the room, always use one just for going into the office, and the other for everything else.
  2. Position your work desk – The ideal location for your desk is diagonal in a corner, facing the entrance to the room. The second best is straight-on with the opposite wall from the entrance, still facing the entrance. Never sit with your back to the door. Try not to position the desk under a window unless it’s unavoidable.
  3. Re-energize dead spaces – Place a mirror on any partitions that exist between the door to the home office and your desk to reflect the energy halted by these physical disruptions back into the rest of the office.
  4. Combat negative spaces – Any flat, irregular spaces like jutting walls or jagged corners should be filled in with an easy-to-maintain indoor plant like lucky bamboo, or common potted plants, to counteract the negative energy produced by these dead spaces.
  5. Cover the walls – Don’t leave walls bare – they should have at least one positive picture, framed photo, or mirror on every available wall to provide positive, strong energy. For even better impact, line up your home office with the bagua chart and place pictures that represent the different aspects of the chart. Symbolism works too, so placing a photo of something like a vacation spot in the prosperity corner might be a good idea.
  6. Create separation – We know it might be hard to dedicate an entire room to just being an office when your home is small to start off with, so what you may need to do is separate, visually and physically, the office from the rest of your house. Use a screen divider, big potted plants, or something similar to separate the “office” from everything else.
  7. Finally, de-clutter your home office! – Of course you will have some papers and other office items floating around your desk, but keep everything stored neatly, and get everything that you’re not working on for that day out of sight and neatly into a drawer or filing cabinet. The flow of energy is disrupted by every item that doesn’t belong.

If you want to completely create a feng shui office, the next step is to place symbols of the different aspects on the bagua chart in the corresponding section of the room, such as a placing a small fountain, which can represent the flow of money, into the wealth corner. It’s much more important to find and use  symbols are meaningful to you, plus it helps if you enjoy looking at them, than it is to follow specific suggestions.

Even a few of these feng shui home office suggestions should make a big difference in how you feel every time you sit down and get to work. And remember, a neat and de-cluttered office will make you a happier, more productive worker.

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