Cat Litter Boxes

Living small does not mean you can’t also live stylishly and with cats. Hidden cat litter options are both attractive and can also serve as furniture, which is ideal in small spaces where multipurpose items are a must. If you have time but not money, most styles of hidden cat boxes can be turned into a DIY project relatively inexpensively.

1) Decorative hidden litter box covers

Elegant litter box hider via Modern Cat Designs

Elegant litter box hider via Modern Cat Designs

There are several options available for pieces of furniture that are designed to conceal a litter box. The covers are often made to look like bedside tables, armoires, and free-standing cabinets, among others, with a hole in one side for your cat to enter through. Most are made of wood and look more upscale so that they will blend in better with your existing furniture.

Another popular hidden cat litter box allows you to hide the box inside the base of an artificial potted plant. The entrance can be turned to face a corner to hide the opening.

2) Attractive litter boxes

Another option, if you don’t have the room to useĀ a bulky litter box cover, is to use a litter box that is not an eyesore.

One modern, brightly colored option is the top-entry litter boxes from ModKat. Having the opening on the top means less space to take up on the floor, plus your cat won’t get litter all over the floor.

Vicci also has a stylish cat litter box made from polypropylene that is available in assorted colors. It looks much more like a bowl or dish than a litter box.

3) DIY litter boxes

Litter box covers can be created with little effort from box-shaped pieces of furniture that can be found cheaply from thrift stores or Craigslist, and modified as much or as little as you want. Minimum dimensions for the interior should be 25in wide x 30in long x 25in tall, but the more room your cat has to do its business, the happier it will be.

One clever DIY-er made a wooden hinge-top litter box cover, with hanging storage for the the other litter box accessories, including a scoop and spray deodorizer. Another used a low cabinet as a concealed litter box hider (at right). You can transform almost any box-like piece of furniture like a cabinet into a litter box cover by creating a side or top entrance for the cat. Make sure there is enough height for the cat to be able to stand and walk around comfortably, or it will be unlikely to use it.