Whether you live in an apartment complex with strict regulations on painting your white walls, or if you just plan on moving soon and don’t want to have to put up with the hassle of painting, you can still create visually interesting walls without breaking open a can of paint.

Here are some suggestions to decorate walls without painting:

Wall stickers

Wall murals make a big impact in a small space.

These can range from a set of smaller stickers that you can arrange in your own patterns on your walls, to over-sized murals made to take up an entire wall by itself. Some are re-usable and some are not, but they will not damage your walls coming off. Wall stickers can range from a small pack for around $20 to $100-200 for very large images.

Wall stickers sources

  • RoomMates has many styles of wall adhesives, including licensed images.
  • AllPosters.com has an extensive selection of modern wall decals.
  • MuralsYourWay.com has large-scale wall stickers in many designs.

Removable wallpaper

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be ugly and out-dated – there are plenty of fun, modern styles to choose from.

Removable wallpaper sources

Hanging fabric

One of our favorite options is to apply starch to the wall with a brush or paint roller, smooth the fabric onto the wall, and then cover it with another coat of starch.

Depending on the price of the fabric you use, this can be a very cheap option, and the cloth is completely re-usable after a round in the washing machine.

Fabric sources

  • Fabric.com has a huge selection of cute, stylish discount fabric.


Framed pictures abound at resale shops and thrift stores – you can repaint your frames to make them all match, and cut any artwork or photos you have to fit in these frames.

Artwork sources

  • You can buy affordable prints at Art.com (though framing gets expensive quickly)
  • Original paintings by up-and-coming artists are available at Etsy.com.
  • Limited edition prints (LEAPs) are a compromise between original artwork and unlimited prints. 20×200 is a popular limited edition art website.

Wall Quotes

Blank walls can be transformed into a meaningful reminder of what is most important to you.

Hanging inspirational wall quotes can provide an uplifting atmosphere and provide a constant affirmation of something that is important to you. Best of all, you can bring the quotes with you to your next home.



Hanging Objects

You can hang paper or fabric from clotheslines or wire attached between two walls, or from wall clips meant to be removed without damaging the wall. Popular objects to hang this way include quilts, flags, maps and unframed photos.