Loft beds are almost invariably mentioned in articles aimed at college students as a great way get more space out of tiny dorm rooms. Shouldn’t we leave lofted beds behind after graduation? Not necessarily. Loft beds for adults be a great space saving solution for those living in small homes.

Finding an adult loft bed


A full-size loft bed with large workstation underneath.

Many loft beds come with bed options larger than twin-sized, so you don’t need to rule out loft beds just because you have a significant other. However, most larger beds will need to be thick and solid wood to support the weight of the mattress and the occupants. Many loft beds on raised legs can support total weights of 200-300lbs.

Full size loft beds are the easiest to find, though there are some queen size loft beds. King sized loft beds may need to be custom made.

Creating a loft bed can be a rewarding weekend project for the do-it-yourself people, or just a great space saving solution for those who prefer to purchase pre-built models. Detailed loft bed plans are available online for about $10, and materials will set you back about $200. Professionally-built wooden adult loft beds start at $800.

Take time to measure how much head room you will have for sitting upright in bed: a minimum of three feet of head room clearance is generally recommended.

Interior design with loft beds

A bed lofted over the IKEA Expedit

Loft beds can be an excellent way to “create” a bedroom if you are living in a studio-style home without a distinct bedroom. They can create a more homey feeling and a safe spot to lounge and sleep.

Use the space under the lofted bed to the best of your advantage: storage and desks are both popular options underneath. Or you can create a full bedroom “unit” by storing your clothing underneath the bed.

If you own your home, there are many creative ways to use elegant loft beds – if you’ve got tall ceilings but are lacking in floor space, you can build your bed into the wall above the floor in a corner, and use the floor area for something else.

Adult loft bed resources

Some of the most popular loft bed sellers are and MC Woodworks. For more guidance on buying a loft bed, check out this loft bed buying guide.

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