Clutter reduces happiness, wastes energy, and takes up space. Learning how to purge clutter is vital for your sense of well-being in your own home. Purging clutter can counteract this negative entity that has a very real impact on your emotions and attitudes, but often over-looked and allowed to grow out of control. In small homes especially, decluttering must be a constant emphasis, and the smallest amounts of clutter cannot be allowed to exist.

I have compiled 6 of my favorite articles on eliminating waste and how to purge clutter from your own life.

Lists and Tips to Reduce Clutter

  • cluttered-deskSimple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life: A post at that gives 72 concrete ideas that you can start implementing today to reduce clutter in your life, with links to even more information on many of these tips. Note that clutter involves more than just physical possessions, but anything your life that takes up unnecessary time or energy.
  • 10 uncluttering things to do every day: A decluttering to-do list that you should get into the habit of doing at home in the mornings and evenings without fail. If you can make a habit of these simple tasks, you will find yourself more content and feeling more in control of your own home.
  • Home Organization Tips: From the National Organization of Professional Organizers comes an article in a de-cluttering format I haven’t seen before: the author gives specific furniture, storage, and shelf/hook placement suggestions for different rooms in a home for minimizing the chance that an item will not get put away properly. Kitchen purging suggestions like using drawer dividers, becauseĀ  so much random stuff accumulates in the kitchen, and using low hooks in kids’ rooms so that they can begin to pick up after themselves is simple but very helpful information.

Strategy and “Big Picture” Resources for Purging Clutter


  • Declutter 101: Strategies To Cut Clutter: This article discuss different strategies for approaching the clutter problem, including where to focus first, how fast to move, and what kind of results you can expect to see from each strategy. Truly informative and thorough for those who don’t know how to start tackling clutter.
  • My War on Clutter: The Tools to Purge BIG: An informative and helpful case study on what exactly Merlin did to purge every single thing that he didn’t need from his life. Inspirational, especially if you are still struggling to imagine yourself actually doing the big purge.
  • Live Simple: Purge Your Stuff This is just step one of a multi-page guide to living more simply. It uses a rules-based approach to helping you determine what to keep and what to eliminate. If you make even a small effort to follow the guide, your life will be changed dramatically (for the better!).
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