paint colors bedrooms

The bedroom is usually the most personal room in your home, as guests will rarely see it, and it is the perfect place for you (and your significant other) to relax and express yourself.

There are two schools of thought regarding painting your bedroom: will your bedroom be a place to go a little wild and fully express your creativity, or a quiet retreat where you feel safe and relaxed?

Below are some of each: we used Behr Premium Plus interior paint colors for inspiration, but any paint department or store should be able to color match with any brand of paint. The lightest color on each paint color palette, usually the one labeled “secondary”, is a slightly tinted pale neutral, designed for the trim and other detail work in your bedroom.

Soothing bedroom color palettes

This beige bedroom palette is warm and relaxing:

  • Primary: “Twig Basket”
  • Secondary: “Innocence”
  • Dark Complementary: “Yorkshire Brown”
  • Light Complementary: “Castle Path”

A slightly bolder, but still soft brown and red palette:

  • Primary: “Brown Ridge”
  • Secondary: “Chamois Cloth”
  • Dark Complementary: “Ruby Red”
  • Light Complementary: “Brick Dust”

A cool, gray bedroom scheme:

  • Primary: “Skyline Steel”
  • Secondary: “Hushed White”
  • Dark Complementary: “Wild Sage”
  • Light Complementary: “Windsor Haze”

Creative bedroom paint color schemes

Here is a deep violet-inspired color palette:

  • Primary: “Wickford Bay”
  • Secondary: “Waterfall Mist”
  • Dark Complementary: “Thorny Branch”
  • Light Complementary: “Lantana”

A fun green and azure blue bedroom theme:

  • Primary: “New Green”
  • Secondary: “Star Shine”
  • Dark Complementary: “Glacier Lake”
  • Light Complementary: “Par Four Green”

A funky orange and blue color combination:

  • Primary: “Isle of Capri”
  • Secondary: “Neptune Blue”
  • Dark Complementary: “Aurora Orange”
  • Light Complementary (the trim/details color): “Popped Corn”

General bedroom painting guidelines

Stay away from use too much bright, warm colors like bright red or orange, which can make it difficult to relax and make you feel energized and restless. Either use them in small amounts only or use lighter or less saturated hues.

Another way to make your bedroom feel warmer is to try a paint wall treatment like Venetian plaster or brush strokes to add texture and pattern to the walls.

You don’t have to use all the colors in a color palette as paint on a wall! Bring in the paint chips to a home decor store and choose bedding, curtains, pillow covers, art, etc. to bring in the complementary colors.