girls room

Decorating a little girl’s room does not have to be an adventure in licensed characters and gaudy color schemes. The same basic design concepts are used in kids’ rooms, with a few differences to best reflect the child’s preferences.

Bright, fun color schemes

Many young children love bright, diverse colors with lots of texture and pattern for visual and tactile stimulation and are happiest in bedrooms that provide this. Girl’s rooms don’t have to be hot pink or fuschia; you can decorate a girl’s room in any color scheme, though many girls will prefer these color palettes. If your daughter’s preferred colors are a little too garish for you, tone them down with neutrals like black, gray, white and/or wood tones. The room in the next section, for instance, uses many bright colors but is balanced by gray walls and simple white elements.

We have created a few simple color schemes below that would be appropriate for a little girl’s room. Use them as inspiration to start decorating!

“Big girl” furniture

Notice the adult-sized dresser being used in this girl’s bedroom.

Most young girls observe their mothers more closely than the moms realize, mimicking their actions and words, and this extends into the items they want in their bedroom. Many girls would enjoy having smaller pieces of “adult” furniture in their bedroom, instead of children’s furniture, which has the added benefit of being able to “grow” with the child instead of needing to be replaced at some point. Adult furniture is often sturdier and higher quality that most kid’s furniture, meaning it will make her bedroom immediately look more sophisticated and substantial.

Create “make-believe” areas

Adorable handmade vintage-style play kitchen.

Whether it’s tea parties, play kitchens, doll houses, dressing up or anything else that a girl enjoys, give her a place to create an imaginative wonderland in her own room. Many parents in smaller homes or on smaller budgets have built some very creative play areas for their girls out of inexpensive materials.

Many girls also love little “nooks” to use as settings for their make-believe games, which can be created with curtains over the bed, playhouses, inside closets, the area under loft beds, etc.

Add glamor with chandeliers or pendant lighting

Kids’ rooms are often neglected when it comes to lighting. A dramatic overhead pendant light or chandelier creates an instant decorative element in a room and can make a little girl’s room feel dramatic and glamorous.

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Soft, lounging areas

As girls get older, sleepovers and playing with friends become a major function of their bedroom. Use toss pillows, soft bedding and throw blankets, and ottomans or floor pillows to create cozy areas for girls to spend time with their friends.

Hang framed artwork

Nursery with hanging girl’s artwork, designed by Candice Olsen.

Framed artwork, whether it’s her creation or a child-friendly print you’ve chosen, instantly adds a level of sophistication to a girl’s bedroom. Artwork hung in groups of three or more make the biggest impact to a room. If you want to be able to change out the artwork easily, there are wall picture frames that open from the front to quickly switch out the artwork (like this 12 x 18 frame from Amazon).

Give her a place to store her dolls, stuffed animals and other toys

Getting many kids to keep their room neat is an uphill battle, but if her room has accessible storage options for her toys, it will be easier for her to keep them organized. Storage doesn’t have to be from a “kids” store; any type of adult storage furniture will work, too, from bookcases and dressers to wall shelves.

A final word on girl’s room decorating

Decorating a girl’s room should use the exact same design and decorating concepts as decorating an “adult” room (though usually with more toys and colors!). Not every piece of furniture needs to match, and not everything needs to look perfect. Just focus on creating a comfortable, happy room for your daughter and you will both love her bedroom.