Living in an apartment or rental home does not mean your walls can’t be wallpapered, even if you have to return the room to its original condition when you move out- there are many temporary wallpaper providers that have developed easy to remove products that run the gamut from traditional to contemporary styles.

Sherwin Williams

Dahlia Pattern SW554-8922

The Sherwin Williams EasyChange line is probably the most well-known temporary wallpaper brand, and likely the one with the most options for renters. There are hundreds of EasyChange patterns, ranging from traditional to country to modern to kids. You apply it much like normal wallpaper, and it comes in either pre-pasted or pasting required forms. It is removable without solvents, via simply pulling the paper off in long strips.

Estimated cost to cover one 8ft wide x 10ft tall wall: $264


Ruby Slate (MARRAKESH)

Tempaper is a relatively new (established 2008) line of temporary wallpaper that is also re-usable and re-positionable. It will adhere to almost any smooth surface, and can be used in humid areas like bathrooms, unlike some other wallpaper brands. There are only about 20 designs right now, but the company is still growing, and the wallpaper responds quickly to the latest trends. Most of the wallpaper is very modern and fashionable, with bold patterns and designs.

Estimated cost to cover one 8ft wide x 10ft tall wall: $170

Wall Candy Arts

Stripes Neapolitan

The wallpaper at Wall Candy Arts is fun, cartoon-y, and bright. Some of the designs would be best suited for children’s rooms, but others can be worked into a modern theme. The wallpaper can be easily cut to fit any size wall, and is peeled off and self adhesive like a reusable sticker. This is also one of the more expensive brands, with each double roll only covering about 34 square feet.

Estimated cost to cover one 8ft wide x 10ft tall wall: $507


Design Your Wall

Mood MC 10105

There are many styles of wallpaper at Design Your Wall, from contemporary designs to textures, which include bricks, aged wood and metal. The site also has removable wall stickers (mostly kid-oriented) and large removable wall murals of outdoor scenes, city skylines, and more. The wall murals may need to be cut to fit your space, or may leave exposed areas of the wall that the mural does not cover.

Estimated cost to cover one 8ft wide x 10ft tall wall: $169

Estimated cost for wall mural to cover one 8ft wide x 10ft tall wall (will not be an exact fit): $87

Eazy Wallz


Eazy Walls has a wide selection of high quality, photographic removable wall murals, as well as a smaller range of temporary patterned wallpaper and textured wall murals, including stones, leaves and fur. The wallpaper and murals are similar in texture and application to contact paper, and can be easily re-positioned and reused.

Estimated cost to cover one 8ft wide x 10ft tall wall: $499

Tips for Applying Temporary Wallpaper

  • Only apply the removable wall paper to smooth, flat, dry and clean surfaces. Any other texture will make the design look uneven or even damage the wallpaper.
  • Press the paper down slowly against the wall, to avoid creating many air bubbles. There will probably still be some, no matter how careful you are, which you can smooth out with a flat object once the section is applied, pushing the air pocket all the way to the edge of the wallpaper.
  • If you aren’t lining up the wallpaper directly against the edges of a wall, take the time to use a level and measuring tape to ensure the wallpaper design is even. It will take a little more time initially, but can save you hours of frustration when you realize halfway through that everything is crooked.